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Elegant seat unit with tip-up seat and backrest made of molded beech wood that has been ergonomically shaped several times. The seat is supported by two light metal die-cast bearing levers and folds back via return springs built into the rotary fitting. All seat units can be positioned variably on the traverse and, if necessary, can be easily exchanged at any time or repositioned in a different cc. dimension. The execution is particularly high quality in workmanship and design.


Design: © Carsten Eichler, Neuenstein


Easy-care basic version without upholstery. The shape of the single-shell, deeply shaped seats increases the contact surfaces and avoids point loads. The supporting ergonomics of the single-shell backrest enable relaxed sitting. Beam-mounted armrests for optimal alignment between the seats – regardless of the cc measurement. Possibly with seat perforation, numbering, with colored stain or opaque varnish.


Spectator seat with seat upholstery pad or with padded seat and backrest. A standard fabric in CS quality is offered. Other cover fabrics are possible. Armrests, seat perforation, seat numbering, staining and painting are optional.