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For the new building of the Volkstheater Munich, this theater chair was further developed with the architects and our product designer on the basis of the existing model “Staatstheater Darmstadt, Kleines Haus”. The waisted shape of the backrest allows a view through the rows and loosens up the appearance. The backrest is ergonomically optimized. The comfortable upholstery with fell seams on the sides underlines the design. The seats fold back using a counterweight and are maintenance-free. The bearing levers on the side of the seat are elegantly made of light metal die-cast. The entire design is high quality and durable in every detail. An acoustic test is available.


Design: © Carsten Eichler, Neuenstein, Germany

In cooperation with:

Lederer Ragnarsdóttir Oei GmbH & Co. KG, Stuttgart, Germany


Version with armrests and high backrest. The back of the backrest made of molded wood is soundproof and robust. Dispensing with fabric protects the chair from dirt and wear and tear in the long term. The top of the backrest is easy to grip and guides visitors through the row. The easy-to-grip solid wood armrests are durable and can be easily replaced if necessary. Stand construction with filigree supports inserted directly into the pedestal without visible screw connections. Our system platform with integrated plug-in sleeves forms the basis for this. The chairs are screwed together using special flange washers, which add a further accent on the back and also ensure permanent fixation. The colored stain can be selected individually, the top coat with PU varnish is matt.


Version with a low backrest, without armrests. This reduced form of the MVT model is ideal for smaller venues and halls with lower steps. The style-defining back design comes into its own, despite the shortening. Depending on the requirements of the venue, the seats can be assembled in stand construction or combined into expandable and folding units with a base plate.