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Conference chair in ARC design with extra wide side panels, as a folding seat or with a fixed seat. Different versions possible.


Conference chair in ARC design with customized width for seat and backrest. Seat and back made of molded wood shells with high-quality cold foam upholstery. Backrest optionally with visible cover as protection against dirt. Seat with spring-based tip-up mechanism, optionally with counterweight. Extra wide side panels, armrest with integrated wireless QI charging cradle. Optionally with an additional USB charging socket. Cover optionally with colored accentuated seams. Seat number plate with company logo. Either as a single seat with a center leg or a continuous row of seats on cross beam.


Design: © Carsten Eichler, Neuenstein


Fully upholstered conference chair with center leg, fixed seat and upholstered side panels. VIP version with fully upholstered backrest with stitching as shown. Fully upholstered seat on wooden support plate, not foldable. High-quality cold foam for permanent seating comfort. Robust tubular steel frame. Completely padded side bolsters with individual design. Touch protection socket with socket and USB connection built into one side panel. The other armrest has no built-in components. Each armchair with two side panels, alternatively with a split armrest.


Design: © Carsten Eichler, Neuenstein