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The Volkstheater in Munich at the new location of the old slaughterhouse was designed in close cooperation with the architects Lederer Ragnatsdottir Oi. The seats with the characteristic waist shape are a completely new redesign of the architect’s draft from the year 2000. Seats in two heights for different installation situations were created for the two venues – fixed, foldable, removable and on mobile stepped platforms.

Most of the 700 chairs in Venue 1 are integrated into a ventilated Eheim step construction. The front rows are mounted on mobile platforms, which are parked in the chair store below the venue when the orchestra pit is used. All 200 chairs with low backrests in Venue 2 are mounted on mobile platforms and can also be moved or removed using a rail system to enable a wide variety of configurations.


ca. 1,000 theatre seats


© Eheim Möbel, Öhringen, Germany

© Carsten Eichler, Neuenstein, Germany

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