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With a keen eye for detail, the refurbishment of the renowned Italian University of L´Aquila gave us the opportunity to deliver both fixed and free-standing seating. Model 813R fixed seating with our Wrimatic® writing tablet is mounted on the pedestal. Although the writing surface is large, the pivot/swing mechanism has proven to be both simple to use and very durable. The tip-up seats return to position by counterweights. Both upholstery and lacquer work are flame-retardant. Seat frames and writing arms are furnished in flat, angular steel. Corresponding free-standing seating was developed with a round tube stand, enabling stacking. The wide angled open position of the seat shell affords high seating comfort. The side-mounted pivoting desktop can be stored away at an upright 90° angle when not in use. The stackable chairs can incorporate pull-out row connectors or be delivered with floor rods for mounting.


285 loose & 80 fixed seats 813R with writing tablet


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