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University of Applied Sciences TFH Wildau

With this glass auditorium set within the historic structure of a former factory dating back to the period of promoterism, Anderhalten architects delivered a masterpiece! Light floods through a 4,000 square meter hall, which, after refurbishment, houses an impressive 300 seat auditorium that debuts our model 700R. Following architectural stipulation, naturally finished, milky-white plastics were used. The variable coloured desktops set an impressive accent and harmonise with the natural brick facade. A concrete pedestal based on a trapezoidal sheet-metal sub-construction forms a solid base for beam-mounted modular seating.


University of Applied Sciences TFH Wildau


272 seat- & desk-units FCB-M 700R


© Herzog & de Meuron®, Basel, Schweiz, MOD. DEP. (seat)
© Carsten Eichler, Neuenstein, Germany (desk)


© Eheim Möbel, Öhringen, Germany

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