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In cooperation with our partner in the Netherlands, we delivered and installed two auditoriums for the Montessori Lyceum in The Hague in 2022. The innovative auditorium seating with a foldable and retractable table top enables an ergonomic seating position and large clear passage widths. The seats are particularly easy to access and the system makes it easy to walk through the rows. The retractable tabletops from the Eheim system are guided evenly in the metal frame using plastic profiles and are braked when lowered. Thanks to the sophisticated technology, the tabletops return to the vertical position very quietly. The table tops are framed in a metal profile on the rear edge and are highly resilient thanks to the ingenious construction. The table unit was combined here with our Classic double shell seat and Classic backrests in different stained finishes. The birch multiplex table tops are covered with HPL. The panels on both sides are made of melamine resin coated board. Sockets are integrated in the rear panel. Included was an extensive detailed work planning including the production and assembly of platforms.


102 x Modell CAS ACE with wooden pedestals


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