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Architectural lecture hall chairs in flat steel frame construction.


The supports including table top and seat supports are made entirely of 8 mm laser-cut sheet steel. The seat unit is preferably attached to the riser by means of sheet steel straps welded on both sides. There is only one support between each seat unit. Various options are available for the design of the seats and backrests.

In the basic version with double walled seat and ergonomically shaped backrest from the Classic range. Two pivot bearings made of PA6-Z1 plastic with rubber-damped quadruple stop and bearing lever made of solid steel (brazed) with or without return spring per seat. With a foldable desk top with small, closed swivel fittings on both sides snapping into special small PA6 plastic bearings in the upper and lower end positions. Multiplex table top optionally covered with HPL. Various design details and materials are selected and adapted for each project.